STC has served in the field of environmental protection for many years and has gained wider experience in engineering technology and system integration. Therefore, STC is able to provide clients with professional customized solutions and consultation services. STC has a technical service team which has an in-depth understanding of environmental protection technology, rich field experience and a strong ability to find, analyze and solve problems. This technical service team is able to provide clients with timely, quick and most reasonable solutions.

In spite of the ability to design separately,STC still maintains long-term cooperative relationship and business contact with numerous comprehensive and professional designing institutes in China, in order to allocate design resources according to practical demands. In addition, we have full understanding and practical operational experience in national and international industry laws, regulations, codes and standards, so that we can employ and manage the most capable and suitable design institutes and cooperating organizations in accordance with specific conditions.

The design and consultation capability of STC includes not only the traditional fields like process engineering, civil engineering, electric engineering, instrument industry and equipment manufacturing, but also:

(1)Design and Pilot Plant Test

(2)Flow Field Simulation

(3)Thermal Force Field Simulation

(4)3D Design

(5)Operation Simulation

Based on the most advanced technologies, STC now has achieved the comprehensive integration for design, purchasing, construction and management. Through the coordination among different fields of design, STC can provide domestic or even international customers with successful projects which are more transparent, efficient, economic and secure. When dealing with complicated and challenging projects, STC is able to coordinate numerous design resources in collaborative operation due to the application of global-oriented design philosophy, integrated management methods and advanced management systems.