Talents are the foundation of company development. STC always regards talents resources as the most important resources of the company, the dependence on talents as the fundamental premise of company development, the respects for talents as the basic criteria, and the joint development of the company and staffs as the basic talent strategy. STC adheres to the people-oriented management philosophy and insists on encouraging people with bright prospects and desirable career goals. STC devotes itself to provide all staffs with a stage to fully display their talents. Through a steady stream of development opportunities, all talented persons in STC are likely to achieve success and realize self-fulfillment.

The joint development of the company and staffs has always been the talents view of STC. Staffs in STC are encouraged to combine their self-development with the long-term planning of the company. Various career paths and development patterns are available for all staffs. As a platform for development, improvement and self-value realization, STC spares no efforts to create favorable growing conditions for all staffs. Those who keep pursuing success can always find a stage in STC and give full play to their potential.

STC believes the theory of equality and caring. In STC, differences among people only exist in duties rather than in hierarchy. STC respects different personalities and pursuits of staffs, encourages the enhancement of their abilities, and appreciates their achievements. Meanwhile, STC is willing to share all fruits and achievements with its staffs and balance the interests of both sides. STC advocates the spirit of solidarity and hopes to create and share wealth with staffs through work, which will finally leads to a win-win situation.

In STC, staffs are considered as the supporting strength of the company. Our aim is to build a comprehensive talent team which has strong passions, extensive experience and solid professional skills in business and techniques. Our staffs gain not only financial benefits but also senses of safety, belonging and fulfillment which can better reflect the value of life.

We expect you to join us!